Network Acceleration

Network Acceleration

Network acceleration is the enhancement of traffic in a network with a limited capacity. Network acceleration is performed on the OSI-model layers 4-7. Multiple different solutions are used in network acceleration depending on the service provider.



Network traffic is recognized, taken apart and encrypted. This way the network traffic can be prioritized, which ensures fast movement of the most important information. Often the needed unchanged information is stored in the cache, after which the information in question doesn’t need to be transferred between network points.



If your environment contains remote workstations without adequate bandwidth, you can guarantee perfect functionality of your applications with network acceleration. By doing this, the location of offices doesn’t restrict the function of your business.



Access Solutions has delivered network acceleration solutions since 2007. Access Solutions has delivered Expand Networks, Citrix and Riverbed optimization solutions. Currently we represent Citrix and Riverbed products. Both have their own strengths, so get to know the products from the links below and choose the best option for you!