GreenIT – enhance maintenance and save electricity

Thin Client – an alternative to a PC

With Thin Clients you save electricity and reduce upkeep costs. A Thin Clients electricity consumption is only about 7 W. You can save tens of thousands compared to a traditional PC-environment.

A Thin Client -devices approximate lifespan is 5 years, in good conditions even up to 7-10 years. Thin clients don’t have any moving, breakable parts, like hard drives or fans. Therefor the Thin Client is also a silent option.

Through Access solutions you can get Dell Wyse and Igel Thin Clients. Alternative operating systems are ThinOS, Linux and Windows 7, 8.1, 10 embed.


A standardized environment brings security

Desktop virtualization makes your IT-environment automatically standardized. Do you value a secure environment, where green values have been considered? In our GreenIT solution, all connections between the device and services are protected. In case of the device breaking or disappearing, all information will be safe.


Desktop virtualization enables flexible work

On a virtual desktop you can use all applications at home, conventions, meetings and the workplace regardless of the device. Applications delivered from a virtual desktop transfer seamlessly between devices regardless of the location, so your employees can work where- and whenever.


Thin Client-solution simplifies upgrades from Windows 7-operating system to a Windows 8 / Windows 10-operating system.

Does your business have an upcoming operating system upgrade sometime in the future? In a virtual desktop solution, you can perform an operating system upgrade overnight. Here the user can also be shown Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Linux desktops simultaneously, so the environment change can happen very flexibly.