App&Desktop Delivery 3D

Application and desktop delivery

On a virtual desktop you can use all applications at home, conventions, meetings and the workplace regardless of the device. Applications delivered from a virtual desktop transfer seamlessly between devices regardless of the location, so your employees can work where- and whenever.


In a virtual desktop solution, the user’s desktop operates in a server environment built into a server room, from where the virtual desktops screen, as well as the keyboard and mouse movements are delivered to the end user device. One user can have multiple desktops, if the user needs multiple different operating systems for example. The desktop can be used via internet connection through any browser or device.


A virtual desktop starts faster than a traditional workstation. Temporary files are destroyed in connection with each restart, so that they don’t slow down the virtual desktop even in the long term. The end user can install applications to their virtual desktop, if they have the rights to do so. Administration can also lock a user’s desktop and perform updates in a controlled manner. Viewing graphics and video is also possible using a virtual desktop, as the virtual desktop can take advantage of the end user devices graphics card.


Does your business have an upcoming operating system upgrade sometime in the future? In a virtual desktop solution, you can perform an operating system upgrade overnight. Here the user can also be shown Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Linux desktops simultaneously, so the environment change can happen very flexibly. Desktop virtualization makes your IT-environment automatically standardized. Do you value a secure environment, where green values have been considered? You can use Thin Clients in your virtualized environment.


Application virtualization

We perform application virtualization on the Citrix XenApp product. We have a long experience of application virtualization. Citrix began its operation from application virtualization with Citrix MetaFrame, this is the cornerstone of Citrix’s virtualization.


In an application virtualized environment, the applications are always delivered centrally. The capacity required by the applications can be divided to internal and external clouds. In addition to simple applications the user can be offered demanding 3D-aplications as well. This way the maximum performance of all available devices can be utilized.


An application can be formed into an application package. Within the package is a confined environment, where all the special features and needed plugins of the application have been considered. This way multiple versions of the used applications can be made and updated without downtime. Multiple versions of the application can be run on the same server without separate installations. We utilize Citrix Streaming, APP-V, MSI, etc. packaging technologies.


Mobile device control

Mobile devices are becoming more common in IT-environments. Every IT-administrator needs to control mobile devices as well. This requires a product of its own. If your environment contains Citrix products, the only logical solution is Citrix XenMobile. This way mobile devices can be administered, and a contained operating environment produced for the company’s own applications and virtual desktops. A contained operating environment enables BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile device usage. The end user can have their own tablet computer, into which the companies own applications are delivered securely.


XenMobile contains its own applications which your business can use to operate efficiently. WorxHome is a contained operating environment where XenApp-applications and XenDesktop-desktops can be published. WorxMail is an email client, which integrates with Exchange, for example. Emails and calendar usage can be done through WorxMail. WorxNotes is a note tool, in which notes can be attached with pictures, attachments, texts, etc. You can also forward your notes or save them as a document. WorxWeb is a protected internet-browser for a mobile environment. Through this browser, mobile devices won’t get viruses. WorxQuickEdit is a document editing tool, in which you can edit all Microsoft office documents and save them after editing into your file system.


ShareFile – Enterprise-level “Drop Box”. Document cloud service, which can also be placed into the customers own server room and used on any end user device. ShareFile integrates to your own document server and your files can be safely connected to XenMobile. With sharefile you can build yourself a private document service and know exactly where your files are located.


Information security is often an unknown when it comes to mobile devices. There are many elements to the information security of XenMobile. A large factor is the application specific VPN-tunnel (MicroVPN). With MicroVPN the device is generated a passageway to exactly the places where it needs access to. Native Windows applications can be converted to true mobile applications that communicate with mobile devices on XenMobile.