Access Control


Can you access your business services from the web?

Do you know who or what is active in your network?

Have you centralized your access control solutions?

How to integrate cloud services into an access control strategy?


The answer to all these questions is Citrix ADC!

With Citrix ADC you can protect your network and implement an access control model just the way you want to.


With ADC access control equipment, you can give your employees and customers simple and effortless access to your business applications. Web content delivery works fast and efficiently. Immediate savings in hardware investments can be achieved using the ADC solution due to its versatile features.


ADC devices combine several technologies, which you can use to offer the best possible end user experience anywhere in the world.

Some of these technologies are; access control solution, SSL VPN, application firewall, load balancing, application optimization, web-based application delivery, cache, web-application acceleration, cloud service integration on different authentication levels, SSO-solutions and file services.


With ADC you can combine all access control related functionality into one Information Protect-interface, which you control centrally. You can always see what applications are used from an external network or within your business, and how.

Citrix ADC can be installed virtually or as hardware, and you only pay based on which features you use (Pay-As-You-Grow). You can start using the future access control solution immediately on a virtual device, and slowly expand your environment and begin using the hardware as volume grows.



Citrix ShareFile is a cloud service, which enables the sharing and storage of information. ShareFile enables smooth cooperation everywhere for users and covers the information requirements of the company.  Using this solution, it’s possible for your business to create a tailored and password protected zone, where you can move files and share them between customers easily and safely.

Through ShareFile you can also define the users read- and usage rights. If your business needs to send large files by email, make safe file transfers or create a space for shared files with partners, ShareFile is the solution for you. ShareFile can be used on any device, including mobile. Using ShareFile StorageZone, you can create a ShareFile cloud service into your own server room, and know exactly where your files are located.