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Thin Client—an energy saving alternative to PC

Thin Client can help you to cut electricity consumption and to minimize end device maintenance costs. Thin Client’s energy consumption is only 7 W. Yearly you can save tens of thousands of euros compared to traditional PC environment. The estimated life cycle of Thin Client is at least 5 years and even 7–10 years in certain conditions. Thin clients have no moving parts as fans or hard disks, so they don’t make noise nor break easily.

Standardized environment offers security

Desktop virtualization standardizes your IT environment automatically. Do you appreciate secure IT with green values? In our GreenIT solution all connections between data terminal and services are crypted and all data is secured if the end device breaks.

Desktop virtualization enables flexible working

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Virtual desktop allows you to use all applications at home, in conferences, meetings and office with different end devices. Applications flow seamlessly between terminals anytime, so your personnel can work anywhere anytime.

Apply Thin Client solution when upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8 or Windows 10

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Is workstation operation system upgrade awaiting? With virtual desktop, upgrade can be done overnight. Users can use even Windows 7 and 10 at the same time with no break in workflow at all!

Case Study Stara

Read Stara Case Study of our GreenIT service

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