Network Acceleration

Network acceleration means boosting a network of certain capacity by optimizing it. Optimizing the network brings the best gain when the remote users need to be served efficiently from data center providing access over worldwide WAN.

Citrix Branch Repeater offers fully transparent solution to WAN optimization—existing IT environment needs no changes at all.

How It Works

The network traffic is being identified, unpacked and crypted. After that, optimization can prioritize certain traffic to ensure transfer of the most important data. Frequently accessed unchanged data can be cached after which there is no need to transfer it over the entire network.

Consolidation possibilities

Do you require integrated centralized datacenter or cloud services but your network infrastructure does not have the capacity? Network optimization allows you to move all servers to centralized datacenter or to the cloud. Printer spools can also function in the network optimization equipment, so servers are not needed in the remote office. Repeater products can be delivered as virtual or appliance versions. Citrix Pay-As-You-Grow program allows you to choose the best solution for your company. Purchase Citrix Branch Repeater as a service from us immediately—ask for an offer!