Are your applications available on the Internet?

Do you know what kind of data passes through your datacenter?

Have you centralized your access solution?

How to integrate your cloud services to your access management strategy?

Citrix Netscaler is the answer to these questions!


With Citrix Netscaler you can protect your network and implement your access model as you like.

Netscaler allows flexible access to your employees, partners and clients to your company’s applications. Content of your network reaches all stakeholders effectively and securely. This solution means instant savings in the hardware budget—thanks to the unique combination of access management functionalities.

Netscaler combines a huge number of technical innovations which results in first-rate end user experience, independent of location. These solutions include access management, SSL VPN, firewall, load balancing, application optimization, web-based application delivery, caching, network acceleration, cloud services integration with multiple authentication layers, Single-Sign-On solutions and file management services.

NetScaler integrates all your access portals to one Information Protect interface that you manage by using centralized console. Now you can see always which applications are used inside or outside your network and how they are used.

Citrix NetScaler can be installed as a virtual server or as an appliance solution. With Citrix Pay-As-You-Grow concept you pay only for those features you actually use. You can start using your future access solution right away as a virtual server and upgrade to appliance solution when volumes in your environment grow significantly.


Citrix ShareFile is a cloud service that enables sharing and storing of files. ShareFile enables users to co-operate all over the world keeping the company’s security requirements at the highest level all the time. This solution enables your company to create a customized and password protected area where your employees can transfer files and share them between each other and customers easily and securely.

With ShareFile you can also define users’ file permissions. If your company needs to send large files via email or share files with teams and customers, ShareFile is the solution for you. ShareFile can be used with every common device, including mobile devices. With ShareFile StorageZone you can create your own ShareFile cloud service inside your own data center, and you always know where your files are.